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From what to wear, to choosing a background, to dealing with distractions—and everything in between—we understand that this year’s AHIMA conference is a new and challenging experience.

But we’ve got the answers to help you maximize your virtual experience. Check out our quick and easy tips to stand out for the right reasons and maximize your success at AHIMA20.

Dealing with Distractions

Life happens, it’s okay. If your toddler bursts into the room or your cat glides across the screen during a meeting, don’t panic. It happens. Take a moment to laugh it off, and keep the conversation moving. Don’t get flustered or irritated. One easy way to avoid this scenario is to keep your camera and audio off during sessions if you’re not speaking. The most important response to any distraction is a calm one.

Amazon deliveries: Give them a sign. We all know and love the Amazon delivery person, except during AHIMA20. If you’re expecting a delivery at a specified time, leave a note for the delivery representative to leave packages at the door rather than ringing the bell. This is helpful for the postal delivery person, someone soliciting door-to-door, or a neighbor dropping by.

Noise interruptions. No matter how much we prepare, there is always the possibility of the unexpected. A fire alarm if we leave a pot on the stove. A construction crew outside. Or the sounds of traffic nearby. We cannot plan for everything, but we can plan our response by remaining cool, calm, and collected. If there’s a chance you might be interrupted, you can share that at the beginning of the session so that you’re simply affirming when (or if) it actually happens rather than explaining the situation. 

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