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From what to wear, to choosing a background, to dealing with distractions—and everything in between—we understand that this year’s AHIMA conference is a new and challenging experience.

But we’ve got the answers to help you maximize your virtual experience. Check out our quick and easy tips to stand out for the right reasons and maximize your success at AHIMA20.

Build a Boss Background
WALL CHECK: Take Down Your Goodfellas Poster

In the virtual space, our homes are no longer our own. Everything on our walls can be seen. Whether a bookcase, poster, photograph, or wall art, our surroundings are on display. If you opt to use your home’s natural background, be sure to inventory the area for any items that may cause more questions than answers.

CHOOSE WISELY: Make Sure Your Virtual Background Matches the Session

Virtual platforms during AHIMA20 offer a range of backgrounds to match a particular theme or mood. From balloons to mountains and riverfront settings, creating a setting to match the moment has never been easier. But be sure to change the selected background before the next session so that you don’t enter with celebratory balloons as your background for a COVID-19 preparedness session. Review the offerings provided and match your background to your session.

KNOW THE NAME GAME: Test Your System

Some sessions may require your name or other reference information for breakout rooms. Test your system to add your name or other identifying information into the settings option. If something doesn’t look right, or if you’re unable to access a particular feature, please visit the AHIMA20 virtual Concierge Desk anytime during show hours.

Audio Prep
TESTING, TESTING, 1, 2, 3: Microphone Check

Imagine the most important presentation you’ve ever given will go live in just a few seconds for thousands of attendees. You begin to talk but no one can hear you. If this happens, check to make sure you’re not muted. If you’re a speaker or an attendee who will speak during a session, test your microphones, speakers, and volume levels every morning before the start of the day to ensure that you will be heard and your message will be received.


We all have our favorite singers and playlists but sharing those preferences as part of your ringtone may not be best practice. Avoid this scenario by silencing your ringtone every morning and in between sessions. If silence is not an option, place your phone on vibrate and move it away from the speaker area of your computer or laptop.

BACKUP HEADPHONES: Plan B, C, and D Required

Accidents happen. Even in the middle of a conference. Protect yourself from risk by implementing a backup plan for your headphones. Decide if you prefer wired headphones, earbuds, or over the head/ear microphones. Try them all to decide which fits your preference and needs.

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