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Every year, AHIMA Conference attendees, speakers, and solutions providers use Twitter—with its short bursts, public nature, and hashtags for keeping it all in together—meeting, sharing, and comparing notes, and multiplying their enjoyment of the event.

Here are three ways to use Twitter before, during, and after the conference, to get the most out of your AHIMA20 experience.


“The online conversation starts well before the conference convenes,” says entrepreneurial strategist Eric Holtzclaw in an article on, “5 Ways to Use Social Media at Conferences.”

The days before AHIMA20 are like the hours before a dinner party you’ve been looking forward to going to, when you might call a friend who’s also attending and chat about all the details.

Attendees are having pre-Conference conversations with other attendees about the program, the hot topics, and the exciting experts. You can join those conversations by searching on Twitter for the official Conference hashtag, #AHIMA20; then click on “Latest.”

Also, if you have logistical questions about the Conference, you can tweet the AHIMA account (just mention @AHIMAResources somewhere in your tweet—note that mentions are also visible to your followers in their timeline) or send us a private direct message to @AHIMAResources.


During the sessions, keynotes, and roundtables you attend, when the insights and ideas are flowing, tweet out the takeaways that really grab you under the #AHIMA20 hashtag. You’ll be helping to spread the best ideas from the conference, and you’ll position yourself to your followers as a curator of great ideas in the industry.

In addition, you can tag speakers to promote them, retweet others’ insights, and have conversations with other attendees posting with the hashtag.

Hot Tip: Since this year’s conference is virtual, you’ll be using your laptop to participate in your sessions. We recommend also keeping your mobile phone or tablet at the ready. That way, you can share on social media about the conference without missing any of the action at the Conference.

If you don’t already have the app, you can download it from


After the conference, your tweets can serve as notes you took during the conference that you can look back on. You can follow other interesting accounts that posted under the #AHIMA20 hashtag and expand your network. And all the tweets under #AHIMA20 become the “greatest hits” of the conference, gathering together the key takeways from the three days we spend together, where they can be found by those who were unable to attend or the media.

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