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All times in Central Time.

8:30-9:20 a.m.

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Trust-The Foundation of Transformation

Are you taking “all the right steps” to drive your team to success, but still feel like you are idling? Do you wish there were a way to infuse people with the same drive and commitment that you bring to work every day?

Transformational change is only possible once you have a foundation of trust established. Presenters in this session will share the secret sauce to team success by walking you through their journey of restructuring three teams and leading complex change. Their work has resulted in high quality results and a powerhouse of resources for their customers. Attend to see how they paint their vision and show attendees exactly how they made success a reality!

Learner Outcomes

After completing this session, attendees will have knowledge about how to:

• Relate difficult and challenging situations that may arise when leading complex change.
• Learn techniques and ideas for change management principles.
• Determine potential solutions for managing change.
• Identify what it takes to transform a department, a team, and/or culture.
• Apply new techniques to change and understand why trust is the foundation to transformation.



*additional fee required to attend this event.


Jessica Johnson, RHIA
Middle Revenue Cycle, Hennepin Healthcare Minneapolis, MN

Chelsea Raukar, RHIA
Middle Revenue Cycle, Hennepin Healthcare Minneapolis, MN
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