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All times in Central Time.

3:25-4:15 p.m.

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The Thoughtful Disruptor's Guide to Leading Innovative Change

At this session, presenters will explore important questions, including: Who are thoughtful disruptors? Are you a thoughtful disruptor (how do you know)? What are the complex systems in healthcare? How do we lead within the complexity and support change in productive ways? How can we successfully disrupt and lead change in complex systems?

Using current and historical models, presenters will take a look at those who have changed how we live and work in large and small ways. These disruptors are innovative change catalysts who can’t help but to find ways to improve and reframe how we think about our work and daily life. Presenters will take cues from these disruptors and discuss how to integrate behaviors and leadership approaches to lead change on our professional work. Defining the systems is important in order to identify leadership approaches that work.

Participants will come away with tools to lead change in the complex healthcare systems, and also with knowledge about how to use relational approaches to sustainable change.

Learner Outcomes

After completing this session, attendees will have knowledge about:

• How change frameworks are integrated into processes.
• The benefits of adopting a particular change strategy to catalyze ideas.


Maria Alizondo, MOL, MLC, RHIT, FAHIMA
HIMS, UCLA Health Los Angeles, CA
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