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All times in Central Time.

2:20-3:10 p.m.

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Simple Paths to Patient Access at Saint Luke’s Health System and Beyond

The record request process is often unnecessarily difficult for patients. Fortunately, recent data gathered from patient requestors suggests that simple solutions can help your organization remove friction, improve access, and increase patient satisfaction.

At this session, presenters from Swellbox and Saint Luke’s Health System Kansas City will host a data-driven discussion about patient access, drawing from release of information data and written feedback from more than 10,000 patient requestors nationwide.

Improving patient access to health information while ensuring privacy and security is a top priority for HIM professionals. Yet most patients are still required to mail, fax, or personally deliver paper release of information forms when requesting records, creating unnecessary friction for patients and staff. This analog process is especially challenging for low-income patients, many of whom depend on smartphones for internet access. Challenges continue from an HIM operational perspective, as paper-form requestors often “check every box” for record types or omit required fields, leading to costly follow-ups and slow turnaround, illegible documentation, or even incomplete requests and documentation.

To uncover nationwide trends in patient health data access, Swellbox has analyzed usage data from thousands of ROI requests submitted through its Record Request Wizard. Zooming in for a health system’s perspective, leaders from Saint Luke’s Health System will discuss how their patients (including those who are less tech-savvy) have reacted to improved data access, while sharing their learnings from the implementation process, as well as the operational benefits of removing access barriers.

Learner Outcomes

Attendees of this session will:

• Learn about simple, proven, and often overlooked adjustments their organization can make to improve patient experience in the release of information process.
• Understand trends in patient request data gathered from health systems nationwide, including request data and written comments submitted by more than 10,000 patient requestors.
• Learn about AHIMA’s contributions to the Record Request Wizard AHIMA prototype.
• Hear from leaders at Saint Luke’s Health System about how improved patient access has impacted their organization, including patient reactions and learnings from the Record Request Wizard implementation process.
• Understand trends in record requests, including smartphone access, reasons for requesting, types of records requested, after-hours submissions, and busiest days of the week.


Jeff Seidl
Swellbox Tarrytown, NY

Sharon Korzdorfer, MPA, RHIT
Saint Luke's Health System Kansas City, MO
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