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About this Session

Tech Demo

12:55 p.m. - 1:05 p.m.

  • Discover how you can improve quality and financial outcomes for your organization. Using Inpatient Guidance for Dragon Medical Advisor, we will show you how targeted in-workflow guidance identifies undocumented and unspecified diagnoses and comorbidities to improve CC/MCC capture.
  • Engage in a discussion of how automated guidance enhances the experience for physicians, CDS and makes a substantial impact on an organization’s documentation accuracy and bottom line and learn how to take an active role in the evaluation, understanding, and measuring of physician tools.

Company: Nuance Communications

Impact Area
Leverage Technology in Healthcare
event_session How to Enhance Your CDI Department with Physician In-Workflow Documentation AHIMA21 2021-09-20T00:00:00 12:55 p.m. - 1:05 p.m. 2021-09-20T17:55:00 Online Data Structure, Content, and Information Governance Data Structure, Content, and Information Governance