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8:30-9:20 a.m.

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The Post-Pandemic Workplace: HIM Lessons Learned from Going Remote Overnight

Presented by: Ciox

Ready or not, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed nearly everyone into a remote, work-from-home environment. Since then, we’ve all learned some important lessons about how to successfully manage remote teams to keep staff and patients safe while maintaining the privacy and security of the patient information HIM professionals strive to protect. AnnE Rice, Senior Director of HIM and Privacy Officer at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Physician Services Division (PSD), will share what she has observed since the start of the pandemic and some of the things she has considered in staffing her HIM team both remotely and on-site. Amy Derlink, Ciox Director of Compliance and Privacy, will provide insights from a vendor perspective and how Ciox made decisions for its own employees who support healthcare providers nationwide. AnnE and Amy will take a look back, share lessons learned, and recommend best practices to help attendees make decisions about the future of HIM department staffing. Should our teams stay remote, come back on-site, or will a hybrid approach work best? And how do we support them and the patients we all serve?
What is the right direction?

  • If staff is on-site, how will you ensure social distancing? How will individual risk be assessed? What accommodations will you make to keep staff safe?
  • When staff works remotely, how do ensure compliance with HIPAA requirements? Will you audit staff and how? How will you provide training?
  • Chances are, your team will be split between remote and on-site. How do you keep everyone engaged and connected?
  • What policies will you need to revise for your future staffing model?
    The Post-Pandemic Workplace is being built today.

Join AnnE and Amy as we look back in order to define the best way to move forward.

Learner Outcomes

Through the presentation of real-world experiences from both provider and vendor perspectives, learners will gain insights to help them determine the best staffing model for their HIM teams today and after the pandemic passes. The presenters will provide learners with:

  • A look back at lessons learned from going remote practically overnight
  • Questions to ask when deciding on remote vs. on-site staffing
  • Recommendations for policies and procedures that should be in place for successful remote staffing
  • Tips for ensuring staff safety, productivity, and engagement
  • Guidance for maintaining HIPAA compliance and protecting PHI when working remotely
  • Pointers that can be shared with remote staff to help them be successful


AnnE Rice, MS, RHIA
Physician Services Division, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Pittsburgh, PA

Amy Derlink, RHIA, CHA
Ciox Health Alpharetta, GA
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