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All times in Central Time.

10:25-11:15 a.m.

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Medical Devices - An Open Door to Harm Network and Patients

HHS, FDA, DHS and NIST all agree Internet-connected medical devices are a top threat vector for malicious cybersecurity attackers and unintended malware incidents like Notpetya & Wannacry.

Presenters at this session will discuss this problem and the recently released best practices from HHS that highlight how to mitigate medical device cybersecurity threats across small, medium, and large organizations. They will dive into why hospital beds, with an average of 13 connected devices, are so vulnerable. They will also discuss the latest industry security trends and considerations, HIPAA risk assessments, and proposed solutions.

Learner Outcomes

Participants at this session will learn:

  • Why the FDA and HHS are working so hard on the issue of cybersecurity in healthcare.
  • Why there is a cybersecurity problem in healthcare and which devices are most vulnerable.
  • About current legislation and initiatives, as well as effective strategies for mitigating vulnerabilities.
  • How to communicate with executive leadership about investing in cybersecurity solutions.


William Greenhalgh, HCISPP
Cyber Tygr Virginia Beach, VA
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