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All times in Central Time.

1:55-2:45 p.m.

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Managing Insider Threats through Collaboration between Covered Entities and Business Associates

Presenters at this session will review current reports on the growing cost and frequency of insider threats in healthcare and at large. Specifically, they will discuss the Ponemon Institute's Cost of Insider Threats: Global Report 2020; Verizon's 2019 Data Breach Report; and Vectra's Healthcare Spotlight Report. They will also talk about covered entities' responsibilities to ensure business associate compliance and the barriers to monitoring and compliance. Finally, they will highlight why a collaborative relationship needs to occur in order to identify areas of concern, ensure staff training, and protect patient data.

Learner Outcomes

During this presentation, participants will:

• Review the covered entity/business associate relationship after recent OCR settlements (e.g. covered entity's responsibility to ensure business associate compliance).
• Recognize the types and prevalence of insider threats in the healthcare industry.
• Understand the inherent risk posed by the access levels required for HIM job performance.
• Understand how covered entities and business associates can collaborate to ensure staff education on risky behaviors (negligent insider threats) and design effective interventions to reduce behaviors.
• Understand how collaborative efforts can be utilized to identify malicious insider threats despite the use of different covered entity and business associate applications and workspaces.


Elizabeth McElhiney, MHA, CHPS, CAHIMS, CRIS
ScanSTAT Technologies Champaign, IL
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