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All times in Central Time.

10–11:30 a.m.

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Getting More Out of Your Health Data Investments

Today, leaders are challenged by the pace and complexity of organizational change. They are required to accomplish more with less while influencing a workforce comprised of five generations. Hospital executives and front-line managers must navigate between physicians, patients, peers, and others as they lead their organizations. The path to enhancing the value of innovation investments is paved by developing leaders through objective leadership frameworks. OLFs provide leaders with tools to improve their effectiveness in managing complexity. Incorporating these frameworks enhance individual, leader, and organizational performance while contributing to shared, celebrated success. These frameworks are critical to improving technology adoption and sustainment efforts. During this session, we will explore leadership development through OLFs, the application of healthcare centric technology adoption models, and through the lens of entrepreneurial thinking.

Learner Outcomes

Attendees will learn:

  • To discuss the role of objective leadership frameworks (OLFs) in improving technology adoption through leadership development.
  • To apply a simple, effective method, The CFOSS® Framework, as a business-to-healthcare (B2H) model in the creation of healthcare value.
  • To discover how thinking like a startup, can aid in the implementation of innovative solutions.


*Registration for this event is included with full conference registration. Attendees must reserve their spot in advance.


Dr. Berkley Baker
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute, Georgia State University Atlanta, GA
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