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All times in Central Time.

1:55-2:45 p.m.

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Optimizing Clinical Documentation in the Emergency Department to Maximize Revenue Capture

In this new healthcare landscape, cash is becoming increasingly hard to come by as payers are becoming more exact in the clinical documentation considered appropriate for reimbursement. The emergency department of a health system is fast-paced and is the venue where incredible lifesaving processes are deployed on a minute-to-minute basis.

Although there is so much opportunity to do good, the ED is also unfortunately the venue of lost revenue for many health systems. The very fast-paced nature of the ED often translates to missed opportunities to document these services rendered, with an inordinate amount of missed opportunities for charge capture.

The presenter at this session will use a case study to show how, by using deliberate Lean methodology, the root cause of these charge capture opportunities can be identified and new processes can be put in place to lead to increased revenue through the emergency department.

Learner Outcomes

Participants in this session will learn how to:

• Optimize ED clinical documentation by optimizing people, process and technology.
• Use analytical tools to discover opportunities to optimize physician and clinician documentation in the emergency department.
• Use lean methodology to problem solve and improve clinical documentation.
• Develop targeted provider and nursing education to improve clinical documentation.
• Deploy new EMR tools to optimize clinical documentation in the ED.
• Ensure clinical documentation translates to increased charge capture in the ED.


Tinu Tadese, MD, CHTS-CP, CHFP
Administration, Lake Health System Concord,, OH
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