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All times in Central Time.

1:20-2:10 p.m.

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Big Data in Healthcare

Data is impacting our lives and the volume of data available is growing at an exponential rate. How we utilize all of this data is critical to the success of any business. Healthcare big data refers to the collecting, analyzing, and leveraging of consumer, patient and clinical data that is too expansive and complex to be understood by traditional means of data processing.

In order to really take advantage of all this data we must understand the available technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. The increase of big data in healthcare is in response to the digitization of healthcare information and the rise of value-based care that has forced the industry to use data analytics for strategic business decision.

Presenters at this session will discuss why HIM professionals have a unique skill set to accept this challenge and tackle the volumes of data that can and will be turned into valuable information. HIM professionals have an opportunity to help the healthcare industry turn this data into information and ensure there is integrity and value.

Learner Outcomes

This session will provide an overview of how big data is impacting our lives with a focus on the following key items:

• Description of big data key concepts and how it is impacting the workplace.
• Discussion of issues with data specific to the healthcare industry.
• Presentation of strategies and tools for managing data.
• Information on the skills required to work with big data and the future job opportunities.


Keith Olenik, MA, RHIA, CHP
Pivot Point Consulting Chicago, IL
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