AHIMA’s award-winning annual conference will draw attendees from across the globe this year thanks to a diverse, timely, and information-packed schedule of education sessions, networking opportunities, inspiring keynote speakers, and exhibits.

The world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, and the AHIMA21 Virtual Conference will focus on health information topics that will shape our mitigation and care strategies for years to come, including telehealth, information security, patient access, advanced analytics, and much more.

So, who are you likely to run into at AHIMA21?


Health Information Managers and Directors

From coding and clinical documentation integrity professionals to privacy officers and revenue cycle professionals, health informational professionals seeking to learn about the issues of the day and to advance their continuing education journeys will comprise a large segment of our anticipated audience. AHIMA21 offers these professionals an economical means to fulfill annual CEU recertification requirements, network with peers, and surface new strategies to grow their careers.


International Leaders

While COVID-19 continues to present incredible challenges in 2021, we are also seeing the acceleration of exciting ventures in healthcare. AHIMA’s international reach will attract professionals from across the globe to grapple with the industry’s most intractable challenges, including information quality, education and transition strategies around ICD-11, accelerated telehealth adoption, and cybersecurity—to name a few. AHIMA International is committed to transforming global workforces in digital health and health information. Attending AHIMA21 will give you a front-seat view of the strategic partnership and initiatives that will define global healthcare.


Government Officials

Regulations pertaining to interoperability, patient access and control of their own health information, and health equity will drive many of the decisions that health leaders make about the future of the industry. Hear from federal and state officials about emerging regulations and mandates and compliance challenges. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from AHIMA’s advocacy team about our policy statements and upcoming agenda. As we work toward meaningful legislative and regulatory changes in 2021, AHIMA will work together with our members, national healthcare organizations, and other stakeholders to advance an advocacy agenda to realize our vision.


Senior Executives

Forward-thinking healthcare executives understand that information access, analysis, and shareability are critical to the long-term health of their organizations and the communities they serve. AHIMA21 offers today’s leaders a leading-edge perspective on information innovation, security, and revenue cycle optimization. AHIMA21 is also the ideal place to understand how information nurtures ground-breaking initiatives in population health, care coordination, and more. In addition, AHIMA21 is an ideal place to interact with and learn from leaders from around the world and “road test” the latest information technology solutions.


Health Information Educators

Fresh from our July AOE21 conference, health information educators will be attending to learn how health data trends, technology advances, and emerging strategies will shape their curricula and instructional design strategies.



Tomorrow’s leaders will be attending AHIMA21 to ask questions, network with future employers, and share their ideas for shaping the future of health information. In the wake of the pandemic, many in healthcare wonder and worry about the future. AHIMA21 will offer ample opportunity to hear and exchange stories that help attendees navigate a changing industry where one can learn to ultimately thrive.


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