Social media and conferences go together like morning and coffee, networking and business cards, and ideas and the backs of napkins. Since we’re meeting virtually, online communication plays an even bigger role in enhancing your enjoyment of AHIMA21. 

We encourage you to share with the healthcare community what you learn and what inspires you at AHIMA21 by spreading the word on social media. This article will give a rundown of how to leverage social media to get the most out of your AHIMA21 experience. 

First, this article will explain hashtags and how to use them during the conference. But if you’re not even sure where to post during the conference, keep scrolling and you’ll find an easy-to-use primer on the various social media platforms and how to maximize them. 


The Hashtag Trifecta

When you share on social media, you can potentially turn a post into a conversation with others outside your network and even outside the conference. Social media professionals call this “extending your reach.” It’s how ideas grow legs, and how connections get made. To extend your reach, we recommend using these three hashtags in your posts: 


1. #AHIMA21

The official AHIMA21 hashtag ensures other attendees see your post.


2. An Impact Area Hashtag

Every session you attend falls into one of six Impact Areas—think of them as the flavor of knowledge you’re getting. The Impact Area hashtag ensures your post is seen alongside similar topics being discussed at AHIMA21—elevating information to the level of conversation.  

Impact Area/Hashtag Key:  
Advance Your Healthcare Career = #YourCareer  

Drive Financial Outcomes in Healthcare = #DrivingFinancialOutcomes 

Ensure Patient Data Integrity = #EnsuringDataIntegrity 

Leverage Technology in Healthcare = #LeveragingHealthIT 

Optimize Patient Data for Patient Outcomes = #BetterDataBetterOutcomes 

Protect Patient Data & Privacy = #PrivacyandSecurity 

3. A Popular Hashtag 

Finally, choose a commonly used healthcare hashtag that’s relevant to your post to extend the reach of your message and create conversations with others in the healthcare ecosystem. Some common hashtags include: 































Need to Go Back to Basics?

Now, if the preceding section on hashtags was nice—but you need the basics on social media platforms before you think about hashtags—this section is for you. Here is a rundown of the social platforms we use at AHIMA, and how you can use them, too.



Twitter is perfectly designed for sharing short and impactful insights, keeping up with happenings in real time, or following them later in chronological order. You can tweet your takeaways, insightful quotes by speakers, photos, reaction GIFs, and videos, so there is a lot of room for expressing yourself. Tweets are also public by default, making Twitter perfect for connecting with others. 

You can learn more about Twitter in the Twitter Help Center. If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, you can create one here in just a few minutes. 



LinkedIn is the leader for professional content and connections. Find and share with your coworkers, fellow AHIMA members, and other industry professionals. You can post directly from your profile, and search for and connect with AHIMA21 speakers as well as fellow attendees you meet along the way.  

Don’t have a LinkedIn account? Now is a great time to create one. 



Instagram is a popular photo- and video- sharing app. If you’re inclined to show photos of your view of the conference, share a selfie! Did you learn something amazing? Record a short video of yourself explaining it. Make sure your account is public (most are) if you want other HI professionals to find you.   

If you’re not on Instagram, get started here. 



Finally, who doesn’t have a Facebook page? It’s a great place to share your conference experiences and takeaways with everyone you’re friends with. If you want your conference posts to be seen outside of your friends list, make sure you have these posts set to “public.” Here’s how. 

All of these social media platforms employ hashtags, so if you skipped that section above, consider scrolling up to learn more before you go.


See You Out There!

We’ll be sharing and interacting from our accounts throughout AHIMA21, too. We can’t wait to see you there. Make sure you follow and like us on: