After a first day full of dynamic education offerings, AHIMA21 continues Tuesday with more industry-leading educational offerings. Here is a preview of some of today’s most anticipated sessions.

Global Perspective

Healthcare expenditure in Southeast Asia is growing faster than the region's GDP. A combination of rising medical inflation and a massive health protection gap is crippling families, insurers, and governments. COVID-19 has only exacerbated this situation, and Southeast Asia is in desperate need of affordable healthcare financing solutions. At Frontiers Health: Combining the Power of AI with Human Expertise: How to Build a Patient-Centric Healthcare Ecosystem in a Post-COVID World, presenters with global perspectives will discuss how to improve accessibility, quality, and affordability in healthcare.

Analytics and Data Governance

After Analytics and Data Governance with CHIME, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the role of analytics/business intelligence in today’s healthcare organization
  • Identify the three key elements of data governance
  • Describe the role of data literacy and training
  • Describe the elements of data quality

Deep Dive on Code Set Updates

Attend the live Q&A Session "ICD-10/IPPS Update and CPT Code Update Q&A" to dive deep into the AHIMA On-Demand Essentials Sessions "National ICD-10 Policy Update" and "CPT Code Set Update." We recommend attendees watch these on-demand sessions beforehand if they plan to participate in the live Q&A.