The AHIMA21 Virtual Conference finds the health information profession at an inflection point. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, critical regulations governing the access and use of health information, and the stratospheric rise of virtual health services has shined a white-hot spotlight on our profession and the broader healthcare industry. 

In a year where individual and communal health has been front and center, the world is paying attention to the issues we care about. As such, it’s incumbent upon us to continually reassess our role as advocates, educators, and stakeholders in the global healthcare system. 

For this reason, the sessions we curated for AHIMA21 were designed to meet the challenges and identify the opportunities of an evolving healthcare landscape. 

  • How do we work toward sustainable and scalable improvements to health access and equity, especially among historically underserved communities? 
  • As consumers gain more control over their own health information, how do we ensure privacy and security protocols remain robust and ready to meet any threat? 
  • How to we incorporate consumer data and social determinants of health into a truly holistic health journey? 
  • How do we maintain information integrity as healthcare continues to move beyond the brick-and-mortar boundaries of clinics and health systems? 
  • What technologies and professional skillsets will be needed to accommodate shifting consumer expectation? 

These are hard, but necessary questions. I join you in the hope of finding answers to these questions, of striking new ground, asking uncomfortable questions, and absorbing hard truths about the future we will create together. 

My confidence in the health information profession could not be higher. I am excited to take this journey with you and wish you an insightful and illuminating virtual experience. 

I would like to thank the entire AHIMA family—our leaders, staff, volunteers, and members—for all of their hard work bringing you this award-winning virtual and interactive experience. 

Whether you are seeking cutting-edge education, evaluating the latest market innovations, or want to foster new professional connections, AHIMA21 is the place to be. 

If you haven’t already, I hope you will take the time to register today. Please be sure to browse the AHIMA21 website to learn more about the education impact areas, browse daily activities, and check out our dynamic sponsoring companies. 

I look forward to seeing you there and taking another step toward a brighter future.