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In a keynote speech at AHIMA’s 1984 conference, Robert L. Blum, MD, PhD, predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) would make it possible for health information management professionals to “explore the medical information systems aboard the Starship Enterprise in the year 2009.” He continued, “Our 25-year mission is to boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before.”

While we have yet to see health information management (HIM) professionals hop on a space shuttle in the 36 years since Blum’s prediction, we have seen AI revolutionize how HIM professionals do their jobs. Computer-assisted coding has dramatically improved coding productivity, AI-driven natural language processing has supercharged clinical documentation integrity efforts, and machine learning algorithms have boosted patient matching efforts.

As former AHIMA President Ann Chenoweth, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA, predicted on the eve of AHIMA’s 2017 conference, “The future success of the HIM profession will depend on how responsive the profession can be with regard to the dramatic changes occurring in healthcare—including AI.” 

AHIMA20’s AI and Emerging Technologies track is designed to help HIM professionals understand where they fit in implementing the tools that will continue to transform the industry and their careers.

In the face of unprecedented challenges, AHIMA20 aims to equip health information professionals with the necessary resources to adapt to new realities, modernize standards and regulations, and empower them to provide evidence-based expertise to professionals in every domain of the healthcare ecosystem.

AI and Emerging Technologies at AHIMA20

For more AI and emerging technology offerings, click here and check the AI & Emerging Technologies filter on the left-hand side of the page to aggregate our educational offerings on this topic.

“The future success of the HIM profession will depend on how responsive the profession can be with regard to the dramatic changes occurring in healthcare—including AI.”

—Former AHIMA President Ann Chenoweth, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA, 

Dive Deeper: AHIMA Resources on AI & Emerging Technologies

Get a head start on your AHIMA20 AI and emerging technologies experience by accessing webinars, Journal of AHIMA content, and other valuable content on this topic. We’ve curated a selection of resources to take a deeper dive. Click the links below to learn more.

  • AHIMA webinar: Transforming Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence. Listen here.
  • Journal of AHIMA article: “Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Fight COVID-19.” Read here.
  • AHIMA HI Pitch podcast episode: CAC Time Machine! Kristi Fahy on the Future of CAC, AI, and Machine Learning in Healthcare. Listen here.
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