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Innovation is the engine of healthcare. And it is needed more than ever.

Healthcare today faces a global public health emergency, sophisticated cybercrimes, and other emerging threats. Incredible technological advances promise ever greater efficiency. But if these advances are poorly implemented, they can lead to such issues as provider burnout and patient estrangement. Racial, economic, and social inequities are pushing millions of people into healthcare gaps.

It is clear that our industry is at an inflection point. While there are dark clouds boiling on the horizon, the good news is that healthcare is brimming with innovators, problem-solvers, and big dreamers—dedicated professionals born to tackle healthcare’s most intractable problems.

Though not without mistakes or setbacks, healthcare professionals from every domain have responded to unimaginable pressure with grace, humility, courage, and a willingness to adapt strategies and workflow based on facts and evidence.

In response, AHIMA20 aims to equip health information professionals with the necessary resources to adapt to new realities, modernize standards and regulations, and empower them to provide evidence-based expertise to professionals in every domain of the healthcare ecosystem.

As healthcare leaders, we look at today’s challenges through the lens of opportunity and innovation. The ultimate success of these efforts may be years away, but the spirit with which these complex problems are tackled is evident now—and we should be inspired and ever more determined to continue the fight.

Innovation at AHIMA20
  • The Next Decade in Healthcare Revenue Cycle: Presenters at this session will discuss the history of revenue cycle and how it has emerged, as well as new innovations that will change the way we work.
  • Why Electronic Case Reporting Is Vital During Pandemics and Outbreaks: Attend this session to learn how Digital Bridge creates a forum for collaboration on technical solutions for a nationally standardized, sustainable approach to exchanging and using electronic health data. This initiative works to leverage a standards-based approach to bidirectional information exchange among healthcare stakeholders to ease administrative burden, as well as enable better informed clinicians regarding population health, environmental risks, and outbreaks.
  • ONC FHIR at Scale Taskforce: Paving an Infrastructure Path to Scalable FHIR Adoption for Better Data Exchange: This session will feature FAST Tiger Team members sharing information about their work, clarify how FAST’s work complements the work of other FHIR initiatives, describe the barriers identified, and explain the proposed solutions under consideration and their potential impact.

For more Innovation offerings, click here and check the Innovation filter on the left-hand side of the page to aggregate our educational offerings on this topic.

“As healthcare leaders, we look at today’s challenges through the lens of opportunity and innovation. ”

Dive Deeper: AHIMA Resources on Innovation

Get a head start on your AHIMA20 innovation education by accessing webinars, Journal of AHIMA content, and other valuable content on this topic. We’ve curated a selection of resources to take a deeper dive. Click the links below to learn more.

  • Journal of AHIMA: “Privacy’s New Normal”—How the pandemic is reshaping how health information professionals secure and protect sensitive healthcare data. Read more.
  • Journal of AHIMA: “The Art of the Possible”—An inside look at Indiana University Health’s massive effort to scale its telehealth and virtual services program in the era of COVID-19. Read more.
  • Journal of AHIMA: “Analytic Forces for the Ever-Important SDOH Battle”—As new care delivery and payment models bring a shift from fee-for-service to value-based models, health systems, health insurers, and policymakers are recognizing the significance of social and economic factors—referred to as social determinants of health (SDOH)—on ED utilization. Read more.
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