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Social media and conferences go together like morning meetings and coffee, networking and business cards, and ideas and the backs of napkins. Since this year we’re meeting virtually, online communication will play an even bigger role than usual in enhancing your enjoyment of the annual AHIMA conference.

Setting yourself up for success in October means getting familiar now, if you aren’t already, with the following social media tools:

Twitter is perfectly designed for sharing short, but impactful insights, keeping up with happenings in real time, or following them later in chronological order. You can tweet something you wrote, photos, GIFS, and videos, so there is a lot of room for expressing yourself. Tweets are also public by default, and when you include the official conference hashtag (#AHIMA20—easy to remember!), other attendees, speakers, and anyone interested in the conference can see it.

You can learn about hashtags and more in the Twitter Help Center. If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, you can create one here in just a few minutes.

Instagram is a popular photo- and video- sharing app. If you’re inclined to show photos of your view of the conference, share a selfie! Did you learn something amazing? Record a short video of yourself explaining it. Use the #AHIMA20 hashtag to help your photo or video be seen, and follow the hashtag to keep up with everyone else. Make sure your account is public (most are) if you want other HIM professionals to find you. Get started here.

Odds are, you may already have a Facebook page. It’s a great place to share your conference experiences and takeaways with everyone you’re friends with. Let them know what you’re learning! If you want your conference posts to be seen outside of your friends list, make sure you have these posts set to “public.” Here’s how.

Finally, for content that is all-business, LinkedIn is the place to be. Find your coworkers, fellow AHIMA association members, and other industry professionals, and again, look for the #AHIMA20 even hashtag. Post your takeaways with the hashtag from your profile. Search LinkedIn to connect with AHIMA20 conference speakers, and any fellow attendees that you’d like to network with. Start networking.

We can’t wait to see you out there. Make sure you follow and like us on:

HOT TIP: Become a Champion Multitasker
You can be watching the conference on your laptop AND posting a great session takeaway about it from your phone. Had a big “a-ha” moment? Share it with your industry connections. Spread your new knowledge wide with your smart use of social media.
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