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Every person’s health story is unique.

Telling that story requires clinical data and the socioeconomic factors that influence overall health. Capturing social determinants of health (SDOH) data—which include factors such as economic stability, social connections, and behavioral health—helps healthcare providers create meaningful health journeys for individuals and communities.

As the leading voice of health information, AHIMA believes that health information professionals bring a uniquely comprehensive view to using SDOH data.

At AHIMA20, attendees will gain purposeful and informed strategies that safeguard privacy, reduce cost, improve quality of care, and foster a patient-centered experience that is broadly accessible and equitable to the communities the health system serves.

  • How Health Information Supports Addressing the Social Determinants of Health: This moderated panel will discuss the differences in social determinants and social needs. Presenters will also explore how if EHRs were to start collecting information on social needs and determinants, patient health data could inform social determinants of health policy decisions at a community and population level.
  • The Gravity Project: Consensus Methods to Develop SDOH Terminology and Standards: Presenters at this session will describe the role of the Gravity Project in identifying social risk issues that can impact the health and well-being of patients, and how data concepts are being standardized in established healthcare terminologies.
  • Encoding Patient-Reported Outcomes for SDOH: At this presentation, presenters from Fenway Health in partnership with Audacious Inquiry, the University of Washington and athenahealth will discuss their participation in an Advancing Standards for Precision Medicine (ASPM) project that aims to develop standards for the collection and transmission of SDOH data. The project’s goal is to give health care providers the data and tools needed to provide patients with individualized treatment and to help them achieve better outcomes.

For more SDOH sessions, click here and check the Social Determinants of Health filter on the left-hand side of the page to aggregate our educational offerings on this topic.

“Every person’s health story is unique. Telling that story requires clinical data and the socioeconomic factors that influence overall health.”

Dive Deeper: AHIMA Resources on SDOH

Get a head start on your AHIMA20 SDOH experience by accessing webinars, Journal of AHIMA content, and other valuable content on this topic. We’ve curated a selection of resources to take a deeper dive. Click the links below to learn more.

  • Access the Journal of AHIMA’s SDOH landing page, which features a year’s worth of carefully curated content. Access the page here.
  • Access webinars and presentations on the subject of SDOH. Learn more.
  • AHIMA has launched a new webinar series on privacy and information security. Register here.
  • AHIMA Statement: A More Just Society Through Healthcare Data. Read it here.
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