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What will be the single biggest challenge facing HIM professionals in 2021?

“With the financial impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare industry, I think there will be many challenges HIM professionals will face in 2021. A big one will include streamlining processes to create efficiencies in daily activities as much as possible. We may be asked to do more with less resources so identifying and reducing redundancy and identify opportunities to perform single process workflows.”

Tami Montroy, Director, Central Fee Abstraction at Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System
Donna Pritchard, RHIA, LPN, Instructor, Health Information Technology, Ozarks Technical Community College

“The single biggest challenge will be continuing to move forward with true interoperability while balancing privacy and security of patient health information.”

“I think the biggest challenge for health information professionals will be the continued adjustment to the ‘new normal’ in our pandemic world. We are dealing with not only our job being remote, but we also have to deal with our children being home during this time. If we are doing virtual learning with our kids and still working, it will be very tough to find that balance. It is a continued adjustment and a need to be flexible.”

Rachel Pratt, RHIA, CDIP, CCS, IP Coding Supervisor, University of Utah Health Care
Tanya Minor, Clinic Director, Valley Children's Clinic

“The biggest challenge I face, is keeping up to date with all the changes in healthcare and how it will impact my office.”

“I think one of the biggest challenges that HIM will continue to have in 2021 will be establishing/identifying a new normal, not a temporary normal but a permanent normal environment that encompasses a virtual environment and a traditional environment. Regulations, policies, and procedures will have to adapt to this new normal.”

Angela Campbell, MSHI, RHIA, CHEP, HIT Instructor, San Juan College
Sandra Joe, Independent Healthcare Consultant, Chicago

“The greatest single challenge facing HIM professionals in 2021: Data breaches. They not only risk compromising confidential patient records but can also expose healthcare businesses to penalties and lawsuits if they are found not to have taken adequate steps to prevent data leaks.”

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