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Call for Presentations


Be a part of AHIMA24 Conference where you can share insights with thousands of highly engaged attendees, including C-level executives, policymakers, academic leaders, health information rock stars, and more. ​

We’re looking for presentations that:​

  • Include measurable outcomes and their effect on people, organizations, communities, and society ​
  • Address the impact that has occurred as a result and include data to support your impact statement(s) ​
  • Ensure an optimal learning experience and audience interaction ​
  • Align with the AHIMA organizational goal to present elevated content that advances healthcare and the health information profession

Get Started

Deadline for submissions is February 16, 2024. 




  • Preparing healthcare workforce for new challenges​
  • Engaging and re-engaging staff for optimal performance​
  • Retention, recruitment, future skills ​
  • Leading and managing remotely ​
  • The impact of technology on the workforce ​ Effective communication​
  • Succession planning


  • Protecting patient data ​
  • Individual right of access ​
  • Interoperability ​
  • Information blocking ​
  • Cybersecurity ​
  • Price transparency ​
  • Compliance and regulations ​
  • How do we address the challenges of keeping health data private, secure, and accessible even as the volume and mobility of that data continues to grow? ​
  • How is the regulatory environment changing and what is the impact on the privacy and security of data? ​
  • Minimizing risk and the use of third parties


  • How will increasing both the volume and sources of data change healthcare?
  • How do we best ensure the integrity and quality of that data?
  • How do we use data ethically and responsibly? ​
  • How do health systems and hospitals ensure that they can use data to ensure effective and equitable care for all? ​
  • How can data be used and presented for clinical purposes?​
  • Data collection from medical devices ​
  • Data literacy


  • How do we improve operational efficiencies and productivity (e.g., through artificial intelligence, revenue cycle optimization, digital transformation)? ​
  • How do we improve clinical, quality, and safety outcomes
  • How do we impact patient outcomes? ​
  • How do we leverage technology to improve financial results and reduce administrative burden? ​
  • How are health systems changing to adapt to retail providers (Walmart, CVS, Amazon)?​
  • Patient digital health strategies ​
  • Strategies to improve health equity