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Here is what happening in the virtual Exhibit Hall at AHIMA20 for Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020.

Expert Theater Sessions

Join the experts in the virtual Exhibit Hall every morning, Wednesday, October 14, through Friday, October 16, for targeted and timely presentations. View the complete lineup of sessions here. Check out today’s schedule of events below.

A New Paradigm to Enhance Collaboration between Clinicians, Coders, and CDI Teams

Presented by 3M
8:30-9:20am (CST)

Efficient mid-revenue cycle teams depend on a strong connection with clinicians on the front end and with coding and CDI teams on the back end. Technology and services are crucial to enhancing this collaboration and reducing the burden on physicians, coders and CDI staff. Learn how one AI platform can transform your organization’s documentation and coding workflow while keeping a steadfast eye on regulatory compliance. Learn more.

The Post-Pandemic Workplace: HIM Lessons Learned from Going Remote Overnight

Presented by Ciox
8:30-9:20am (CST)

COVID-19 pushed many into a remote, work-from-home environment. What are the critical lesson learned about how to successfully manage remote teams to keep staff and patients safe while protecting patient information? Should our teams stay remote, come back on-site, or will a hybrid approach work best? Learn more.

Growing a Coding Team from Scratch: The Ohio State University Experience with Coding Apprenticeship

Presented by TrustHCS
8:30-9:20am (CST)

The Ohio State University (OSU) and their coding apprenticeship program development partner, TrustHCS, will present the approaches taken to develop their coding team development program, lessons learned from the experience, and the results OSU realized from the efforts. Learn more.

Document Scanning & Interoperability with Secure Document Exchange

Presented by Fujitsu
8:30-9:20am (CST)

During this presentation, attendees will learn about the capture of paper documents via Fujitsu Document Scanners and the technology that goes into producing best in class quality images, and the combined solution with the etherFAX Secure Exchange Network, which is the only HITRUST-certified platform in healthcare for secure document exchange. Learn more.

Tech Demos

Searching for the newest solutions for your toughest issues? These quick, 10-minute demos showcase tops solutions from across the industry. Stop by the AHIMA20 virtual Exhibit Hall between Wednesday, October 14, and Friday, October 16. View the complete lineup of demos here. Check out today’s schedule of events below.

12:15–12:25 pm: The Importance of Worklist Prioritization for a Concurrent Coding Workflow, presented by 3M

12:25–12:35 pm: Book Spotlight: Coding with Modifiers, 6th Ed, presented by the American Medical Association

12:35–12:45 pm: Introducing CBO “Charge Aggregator” Software, presented by PatientKeeper

12:45–12:55 pm: Reducing Revenue Cycle Leakage with Cognitive Emulation, presented by Iodine Software

12:55–1:05 pm: Improving Compliance Audit Outcomes, presented by GeBBS Healthcare Solutions

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