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Platform Tips & Tricks

Access the Frequently Asked Questions HERE

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How to Log In
How to Access the Schedule
How to Watch the Session
What are the System Requirements of the Platform
Will closed captioning be available?
Will we still be using the mobile app?

How Do I Log In? 

To access AHIMA22 Virtual, follow these steps:

1. Click here or enter this address into your browser:

2. Sign in to the platform using the same email address you registered with and your individual Registration ID. You should have received your Registrant ID in your email. If you forgot it and registered before November 10, click here. If you need assistance with your login, please contact the Registration Department at or call 864-342-6388.

3. You must accept the terms and privacy policy to continue.

4. Set up your profile so you can start connecting with other attendees. Set up your schedule and get familiar with the platform.

5. Beginning November 10th, join us for live sessions and take advantage of many other conference features. NOTE: Session times default to Eastern Standard Time, but you can customize the display time when you set-up your profile in the platform. You can choose your time zone to display times.

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Where can I find the schedule? 

The Virtual Schedule can be accessed by clicking ‘AHIMA22 Virtual Agenda’ on the home page, or by going to the left-hand navigation under 'Agenda & Speakers' and 'Full Schedule (Virtual)'. You can access the website by clicking HERE.

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    Make sure to star the sessions you want to attend to save them to your personalized schedule.

To access your personalized schedule:

  1. Click the arrow by your name in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Click 'My Experience."
  3. Click the 'My Schedule' tile in the top left corner.

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How to Watch a Session 

Select the session you want to watch from the full virtual schedule. Each session will have its own pop-up with presentation and speaker details. At the bottom of the pop-up, you'll see a button that says "Join Session Now."

Note: this button is only available to those who registered for the AHIMA22 Virtual Conference and who are logged in. The button will become clickable 15-minutes prior to the start of each session.

Once you click the "Join Session Now" button, you'll enter the viewing area where you can watch the presentation as well as ask the speaker questions and chat with fellow attendees.

What are the system requirements of the Platform and how do I do a system check? 

  1. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are the only supported browsers. Issues may arise when using other browsers. Upload Image
  2. The platform does not recommend accessing the conference while on your VPN. You may need to reach out to your IT administrator to surpass the firewall.
  3. Since the sessions will be live-streamed, you should have a strong Internet connection to avoid lagging. Test your system here.

Testing your device is a great way to ensure you are ready for the meeting! The platform provides a System Check tool that runs a series of checks on your computer and web browsers to get confirmation that your device is suitable to use the full potential of the platform. If there are any problems then you will see either yellow warnings (things that can be improved) or red warnings (things that may limit your experience). Your organization's IT support team may be able to help you resolve any of these that are beyond your capabilities. Run your System Check now!

The platform does not recommend accessing the conference while on your VPN. You may need to reach out to your IT administrator to bypass your organization’s firewall.

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Will closed captioning be available?

AI-generated Closed Captioning is available for each session at the AHIMA22 Virtual Conference.

Will we still be using the mobile app? 

No - the mobile app will not be used for the virtual conference.

Will I be able to collect CEUs during the virtual conference?

Yes, you can also access the full CEU Info page here.
You can also use this convenient AHIMA22 Virtual Conference Session Survey Instructions & Code Tracking Sheet to help navigate CEU collection.
(During the live stream, you will want to track the session survey codes at the end of the session to unlock the survey.)