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Virtual AHIMA22 Information and FAQs


Please note that programming information is subject to change.

Conference Dates 

Virtual Conference Dates: November 10–11, 2022   


Virtual Registration: June – 8 November 11, 2022  

Virtual Conference On-Demand Period 

November 15, 2022 through December 4, 2022

Registration Rates

All rates are listed in USD (US Dollars).

AHIMA22 Global Virtual Conference

Rate Category  Rate
Attendance at Virtual Conference only (static for all registration types)   $350 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I attend the in-person conference and the virtual conference? 

Yes. You may attend both. There are special registration rates available for those attending both events. 


Can I attend just the virtual conference?

Yes. You may attend the virtual conference. See registration rates for the virtual conference.  


Will the sessions from the virtual conference be available for viewing on an on-demand basis after the virtual conference dates conclude? 

Yes, the sessions will be available for on-demand viewing after the virtual conference concludes. They will become available for viewing on or before November 15 and will be available for viewing through December 4, 2022. After December 4, 2022, the content will no longer be available for viewing. 


Will I receive CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for sessions attended at the virtual conference and the on-demand sessions?

Yes. You will receive CEUs for each session you attend, both during the virtual conference dates and during the on-demand period.  


How many CEUs can I earn at AHIMA22 Global Virtual Conference – either during the dates of the conference or during the on-demand period? 

By attending the AHIMA22 Global Virtual Conference and/or the on-demand period you may earn up to 20 CEUs.  

How is the programming different at the virtual conference than the in-person conference? 

Approximately 40 percent of the breakout sessions and speakers of the in-person conference will be a part of the virtual conference. The plenary sessions at the in-person and virtual conference will be different. 


Closed Captioning 

AI-generated Closed Captioning is available for each session at the AHIMA22 Virtual Conference.

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