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Healthcare has spent the past 20 years perfecting data collection and storage. Today’s challenge is finding meaning and action within that ocean of information—to improve patient outcomes, strengthen hospital finances, and innovate on care coordination and delivery.

Health information professionals operate at the nexus of the analytics and informatics fields and are contributing great value to their organizations through their work.

Coding, records management, privacy, and clinical documentation integrity will remain foundational to the role of health information management (HIM) professionals, but the explosive growth in advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, ransomware, digital health, and population health present incredible opportunities for these professionals to expand their horizons.

At AHIMA20, attendees will refine and expand the skillsets needed to drive analytics initiatives in their own organizations. Many professionals who have thrived in analytics have their roots in HIM. AHIMA20 is an opportunity to begin contributing to healthcare’s new data and information economy.

Informatics, Analysis & Data Use
  • Big Data in Healthcare: Presenters at this session will discuss why HIM professionals have a unique skill set to accept this challenge and tackle the volumes of data that can and will be turned into valuable information. HIM professionals have an opportunity to help the healthcare industry turn this data into information and ensure there is integrity and value.
  • Creating an Analytics Center of Excellence: The roadmap to creating an effective Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE) at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC) was not a smooth path. Presenters at this session were involved in the journey and will discuss the various steps from design choice to execution.
  • The Use and Impact of Care Coordination in Cancer Registry Data: Presenters at this session will review a study that assesses the use and impact of cancer registry data on care coordination. In addition, presenters will discuss key components and a framework for cancer registry data by defining a cancer registry and its purposes and data elements. They will also explore how the cancer registries work with care coordination.

For more Informatics Analysis & Data Use sessions, click here and check the Informatics, Analysis & Data Use filter on the left-hand side of the page to aggregate our educational offerings on this topic.

“Health information professionals operate at the nexus of the analytics and informatics fields and are contributing great value to their organizations through their work.”

Dive Deeper: AHIMA Resources on Informatics, Analysis & Data Use

Get a head start on your AHIMA20 Informatics Analysis & Data Use experience by accessing webinars, Journal of AHIMA content, and other valuable content on this topic. We’ve curated a selection of resources to take a deeper dive. Click the links below to learn more.

  • The Journal of AHIMA article Analytic Forces for the Ever-Important SDOH Battle. Access the article here.
  • Access webinars and education presentations on Informatics Analysis & Data Use. Learn more.
  • A Practical Approach to Analyzing Healthcare Data, Third Edition, offers guidance to healthcare professionals and HIM students on how to best analyze, categorize, and manage the data that they encounter in an industry becoming ever more dependent on these tasks. Purchase here.
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